"Tulsa" by Brian Cornish 

Enjoy this beautiful poem by our friend, Brian Cornish! 



He had a face that could hold three days of rain. 

It was the Fourth of July, and we were waiting on a westbound train. 

I asked him, “Where ya goin’?” He said, “Not as far as where I’ve been. 

But if you’re headed out to Tulsa, I guess I could use a friend.” 


His hands held her ashes, in a box engraved with her name. 

I said, “My name’s Jerry.” He chuckled and said, “Mine’s the same, 

and the box might read Teresa, but everybody called her Jane.” 


He said, "Tulsa’s where I met her, Tulsa’s where I’ll set her down. 

I was driving semis, she was tending bar outside of town. 

Slinging drinks at a joint called the Twist and Shout. 

I walked in one night; six hours later she and I walked out. 


Out past Catoosa, on the banks of the Verdigris, 

was a great big field where grass grew on up past our knees. 

We’d lay in that field, look up at night and name the stars. 

But now I can’t remember just which of them were ours. 


I can still hear her laughing when we’d get caught there in the rain, 

while eating deep-fried pickles or drinking cheap champagne, 

then playing crazy eights while she tried to dry her hair. 

Now she’s in this box, and I’m playing solitaire. 


I’m not long for this world, so I’ll just state it plain. 

Once I’m gone, I just want someone to remember Jane." 

Well, I made that man a promise, even if I can’t say why. 

And if you’re ever east of Tulsa, on the Fourth of July, 

I won’t be eating pickles, or drinking cheap champagne, 

but you can join us at the billboard that reads, 

“Please Remember Jane.”

9/11 Tunnel to Towers Fundraiser  

We’re grateful for your support as we honor the brave heroes and memory of the 2,977 souls who perished in the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. Our goal is to raise $2,977 for Tunnel to Towers as a tribute to the memory of each life lost on that tragic day. CLICK BELOW TO HELP US BEFORE 10/19/2020. Harpers Ferry will perform live-streamed performances to raise awareness and support for Tunnel ToTowers!  🇺🇸 #T2TNeverForget

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Harpers Ferry March Madness 

We’re excited to jam and hang with y’all at our upcoming shows in March!  Check out the show dates below and mark your calendars! Note that the Cherry Valley and KOC shows are members-only events.  Sláinte!


Kings Park St. Patrick’s Day Parade 

We’re back on the float for the Kings Park St. Patrick’s Day parade on March 7th!  Parade kicks off at 12 pm. Don’t miss the party immediately following the parade at Shanahan’s on Old Dock Road! #NoCover #NoPikers

Ride the ferry to Ireland! 

Don't miss the trip of a lifetime!  Travel to Ireland in August 2020 with Harpers Ferry along with our closest family, friends and fans!  Call or text Dennis O'Carroll with DOCS Tours at 516-606-9515 for more details! #NoPikersTour2020

Harpers In The Park! 

Join us on Saturday, June 29th for a summer evening outdoors in Brady Park in Massapequa Park! Music from 6 pm to 10 pm including a special performance by Tara Pipes & Drums! Beer and other refreshments for sale! Bring a lawn chair!

#NoCover #NoPikers #AOH15 #TaraPipesAndDrums

May the Ferry be with You 

We’ve got 2 awesome shows planned for May. Join us for a good time as we finish out our spring schedule!        #NoCover #NoPikers


May 3rd at Murphys Bar & Grill

234 Old Country Rd, Mineola NY 

Starts at 8:30 pm


May 17th at Cornerstone Bar & Grill

288 Jericho Turnpike, Mineola NY

Starts at 8:30 pm


By hook or by crook we’re back on the float for the Kings Park Saint Patrick’s Day Parade!

Parade kicks off at 12 pm on Saturday, March 2nd from the corner of Lou Ave and Pulaski Rd. 

Dont miss Harpers Ferry immediately after the parade at Shanahan’s on Old Dock Rd!

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Previous events

No Pikers Tour 2020

 —  —

Tour of Ireland, Shannon-Dingle-Waterville-Galway-Dublin

We have 70+ people joining us for the trip of a lifetime from August 24 - September 1, 2020. Luxury buses from Kerry Coaches will take the group to some of Ireland's most beautiful sites including Dingle, Waterville, Aran Islands, Galway, Cliffs of Moher, Dublin, and more! Harpers Ferry will keep y'all entertain along the way! Call or text Dennis O'Carroll with DOCS Tours at 516-606-9515 for more details! #NoPikersTour2020


1st Annual Long Island Irish Fest

Plattduetsche Park , 1132 Hempstead Tpke, Franklin Square, NY

The first annual Long Island Irish Fest will take place on August 9, 2020. Bands include Andy Cooney, The Druids, Harpers Ferry, The Brooklyn Bards, and The McLean Avenue Band. There will also be bagpipers, step dancers, Irish Language, a traditional Session, Irish Vendors, and Kids Games. Tickets to go on sale soon. Proceeds go to the funding the Nassau County Feis and a scholarship program.


2nd Annual “Run for Glory” Belmont Stakes Fundraising Event

Cherry Valley Golf Club, Garden City

Meet the best jockeys in thoroughbred racing and help raise awareness for their cause! Hosted by Charitable Impact Group. $175 per person $2,000 per table of 10

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